Shake Reduction Photoshop | A ‘smart’ Way To Fix Motion Blur In Photoshop!


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A 'smart' Way To Fix Motion Blur In Photoshop!


Hey, there this is animation! Pics imperfect. And today we gonna learn how to fix blur caused by a motion or, in other words, motion blur, this can be caused due to a variety of reasons. Maybe your camera shook while you were taking the picture or maybe your subject moved and the baby fixed that is by telling. Photoshop three things. So we tell Photoshop. Hey, Photoshop, you need to fix a motion blur. This is not any other type of blur. This is motion blur or blur caused by motion. Secondly, we need to tell. Photoshop, okay, so if I move it this way and I capture an image. And in the image, there is a motion blur in this direction we need to tell. Photoshop, okay, so the motion happened by. Let’s say 45 degrees. Okay, we need to tell. Photoshop the angle number three. We need to tell Photoshop. So the motion happened by the distance, so the motion happened by. Let’s say three centimeters. But if we tell Photoshop three centimeters, it won’t understand why. Because centimeter is a physical unit of distance. Keep in mind that we are dealing with a digital image now. What is the digital unit of distance? So if it moved this much inside the image, which is the digital image, we will have to say, okay. It moved by lets. Say 10 pixels, right, so three things number one. This is a motion blur that you need to fix second. We need to tell. Photoshop the angle. Third, we need to tell Photoshop the distance, and we will learn super cool ways to exactly figure out all of that. However, this is very different from fixing the blur caused by focus mist. So if you want to learn how to do that, you can check out this video now? This will be an easy fix and will be fun to do, but I always hope that you get it quite in camera. So without any further ado, let’s get started. [MUSIC] So here we on Photoshop and before we begin. I just wanted to let you know that. There’s a complete dedicated filter just for fixing motion blur, and that is called shake reduction as the name suggests. So if you go to filter sharpen, there is this shake reduction, but we are not gonna use it today because personally. I don’t like shake reduction because it’s first of all terribly slow. Go ahead and try it. It’s very, very slow at this moment. Secondly, it’s super complex and personally. I don’t like the results created. We gonna use something fast, exciting and highly customizable, so first of all. If you wanna go ahead and download this photo and follow along, check the links in the description, let’s zoom in and have a look at the image. All right, now as you can see, there is a little bit of camera Shake as you can see. Everything has been moved. If only a section has been moved due to the subject moving, then we can, of course, mask it, but have a look. Everything has moved in around this direction. So step number one would be determining the angle or in other words, the direction so we need to tell. Photoshop the direction in terms of angle and the way we do that very easily. Here’s the trick. All you need to do click and hold on the eyedropper tool. There’s a tool called the ruler tool, all right, select the ruler tool, and then you just click and draw a line along the direction of the motion, so the motion happened in this direction as you can see from the image, so just click and drag and try to be as accurate as possible. All right, so I will try to align this, according to the motion, and I guess this is pretty perfect, so I’m gonna stop at that now once you stop at that. Have a look here. This is the angle, a stands for angle. So this ruler is angled at 45.8 so keep that in mind. Note it down. We’re gonna use that later. Second step is determining the distance of movement how much it moved when the blur was created, so when the shutter opened, it was probably here and when the shutter of the camera closed, it was here, and that’s why we had the there may be the shutter speed was not enough. All right, so let’s have a look at it. We start measuring from here and we stop right there. Let’s see so it says ten, which means then pixels. So the angle is how much 45 point something so we’ll round it off to 46 and the length as you can see, l1 is 10 which means 10 pixels. We must also do it in couple other areas as well just to make sure we are correct. It’s 10 here as well. Ten point eight to round it off to ten. I know Levin is closer, but the previous one said ten. All right, let’s see this one around is eight point nine point two, two. Just make sure just it’s ten is fine, all right, so it’s ten, let’s get back to the. Move tool. We just measured everything that we needed to so step number One was determining the angle step number two was determining the distance step number. Three is a sharpening. This is where we dial. In all those information. Make sure the background layer is selected. And then press ctrl or command. J To make a copy of it. You can also name it. Sharpen one, okay. Great, now we’re gonna use smart, sharpen. Yes, but before we do that, let’s convert this into a smart object so that we can change the values later. Go to filter convert for Smart. Filters hit. Okay, all right now! This is a smart object as you can see by the logo right over them, then go to filter. Sharpen smart, sharpen now. What did we discuss? We need to tell. Photoshop that this is a motion blur, so we need to go ahead and select the motion blur. Now everything is already adjusted because I did practice before recording this tutorial. So let me just cancel all of this, all right. Let me just bring everything back to normal, all right, suppose? This was the thing we need to fix the blur. So first we need to tell. Photoshop that this is a motion blur. So here as you can see, remove, you need to select motion blur next. You need to dial in the angle. So what was the angle that we found out 46 so let’s dial in 46 If it’s already there, all right now, radius here, we need to dial in the distance. So what was the distance 10 pixels, right, so lets type in 10 now, always keep the amount first all the way to the right which is 500% and then we can adjust that later, All right, you can also set reduce noise to around 10 percent. That’s fine, you can adjust that later. It doesn’t matter much, but now as you can see, let’s have a look at it before and after so, here’s the before. Here’s the after this is okay ish. But you know what it’s just not looking, right, The edges look at the It’s just not looking, right, so this is the before. This is the after let’s move in a little downwards. Let’s see, lets. Check it, okay. Now let’s play with the radius a little bit. Let’s try increasing it, just a tad bit and see what’s happening. See, these are coming closer. We will increase it a little more and that’s why. I asked you to have the amount at 500 so that everything is exaggerated. And that way we can just make the lines proper now. This is looking too bad, lets. Move back! Little so 11.8 is fine now. I think the amount is too much, so let’s go ahead And decrease the amount you can click and drag on the text where amount as shown. Let’s gradually increase the amount. Yeah, this is pretty, okay. Let’s have a look at that before. And after so, this is the before, see the blur and this is the octet fixed. Now there are some advanced options as well now as you can see. The sharpening has been applied to the shadows as well. And that’s why the shadows have an artifact. The black artifact? Is there a way to remove this? Yes, there is if you go to the advanced, just click on this. We have more options. Shadows and highlights lets. Keep it to the side so that you can see what’s happening now. Let’s increase the fade amount on the shadows. See, it’s gone from the shadows. Of course you need to just play with the radius a little more. Maybe 12 is fine and play with the amount A little more as you can see, it’s much more cleaner, and we don’t have that artifact. Let’s have a look at the before and after so, this is the before this is the after, but here’s the thing as we increase the fade amount of the shadows, the sharpening also goes away from certain areas have a look at it, so have a look at the eye, right, When the fade amount was zero. The I was sharp, But as we increase the fade amount, the edges look fine, amazing because the fade amount was zero. You see the artifact around the edges, right, and you increase the fade amount. The edges look amazing, but the sharpening goes away from the eyes, no problem, and that’s where the next step comes in that is refining. Of course, you can apply it without the shadows and the highlights and all that stuff, but refining is very important to figure out which areas need sharpening. Okay, so let’s keep the fade amount of the shadows at 100 hit, okay, and only apply it around the edges, So let’s hold the alt or option. Click on the mask button now. The sharpening has been removed from every place. Now we need to take the brush and paint only around the edges with white, so make sure why it is the foreground, color flow and opacity at 100 because we don’t want any artifacts around the edge. Okay, all right, great. But what about the other areas right, no problem at all, just make a copy of sharpen one make sure sharpen one is selected and then press ctrl or command. J now let’s name it, sharpen two. And in this case we will in the world. The mask select the mask and then press ctrl or command. I it will sharpen the other areas now. That’s the advantage of smart object. We can double click on it. Open up the properties. Change any value? So this time we will decrease the fade amount of the shadows and the eyes are sharpened back again. Let’s decrease the amount a little bit. Maybe let’s increase the radius and see what happens. 13:13 Is fine for this. A little bit here and there is OK hit. OK, and zoom out, just a little. I just wanted to show you this. The difference, so here is the after and here is the before see before after before after fixed. Have a look now here is the before here is the after so easily fixed, but it does not invent the details. Any kind of computer sharpening all these fakes it as of now at this point of technological development. Because come on when you were taking the shot and when we moved the camera and there was a camera shake and we lost the details. Your computer was not there to witness it and capture the details so that it will bring back the details in post. It’s just not possible, so any kind of sharpening is just a fake illusion. By the way. If in your image, only one object shows the motion bill, you can do this. You can group all of the list that you created. Press ctrl or command. Hold it, select the other one, or you can also select the first one. Hold the shift key. Select the last one. If you have created a bunch of them and all of them in the middle will be selected and then press ctrl or command. G then you can hold the alt or option. Click on the mass button. This creates a negative mask and then only paint on the areas which need sharpening. So you can take the brush for round color white, and they can only paint on the areas which you would need sharpening, if only that was the thing which moved. So that’s something that you can do. If only one object has moved now, just a quick little recap. Step number one determine the direction step number two determine the distance we do both of these by using the ruler to once. We have that in mind. Step number Three is sharpening, using smart sharpen. Of course you can go into shadows and highlights, which brings us to step number four, which is refining. So you can refine your sharpening in any which way you want. You can create masks, groups and all of that you can do selective sharpening, That’s totally upon you as simple as that, But I again as I always wish. Please get it right in camera because this is all fake. I hope this tutorial helped you, And if it did make sure to give us a like and also don’t forget to subscribe and not just subscribe. Ring the bell. So that you don’t miss any other future tip. Trick our tutorial. I would like to take this moment to thank all these nice and amazing people for supporting this channel on patreon and helping keep pigs in perfect free for everybody forever. Thank you so much for only support. Thank you for watching. I’ll see you guys my next one till then stay tuned and make sure that you keep creating [Music] you?