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How To Ride A Shark (photoshop)


In this video? I’m gonna show you how you can take your shark for a ride. Since 47 meters down engaged isn’t theaters now editing this video. I discovered that this movie came out like one month ago in the United States. Even though in my country, it’s it’s it’s in theaters now, so that kind of destroys the whole point of this video, but I decided to upload it anyway. By I thought, let’s do something connected to this theme and with my incredibly creative minds. I came up with this idea How to ride a shark, Okay, So, for this exceptionally great idea, we first need an image we’re gonna use as our base after surfing on the world wide web for a while. I found this beautiful image and decided this little cutie was going to be my pets for this episode. Accordingly, to this image and lighting conditions, were gonna take a picture and we’re gonna do it as accurate as possible. AKA, let’s find our swimwear, diving gear and suit up, even though it’s like 10 degrees outside. But who cares before you take a picture? You gotta make sure you have the lighting correct in our base image. The light comes from above. Obviously, so you’re gonna make sure that’s the case in your own picture also to make sure it looks like you’re actually on the shark. You need something big and round to represent the shark’s body like a fitness ball or your mum, honestly. I don’t body care what you use. Just get something! Do a nice action pose and take a picture. This is probably gonna get me ballet Be in school, but who cares? Drop yourself in the ocean and mask yourself outs with whatever tool your desire to use after doing that, convert that layer into a smart object because we are gonna add another layer mask after I don’t know how big this shark is. I don’t care, I’m not a scientist, so I’m just gonna make myself this size position yourself to the right spot and make sure not to lean back too much. Because before you know it, you’re gonna have that upper fins taking up your room. Now, add a new layer mask and try to remove the stuff that should be behind the shark. I myself didn’t get the angle perfectly, right, so I’m gonna separate my hand from the rest of my body and rotate and transform it slightly to match the shark shape and that’s it we’re done now. Just kidding. Rina, make sure to convert yourself into a smart object and add your first adjustment layer exposure, clip it to the subjects and bring down exposure a bit. The highlights were the red brightness, though so make sure this one only affects the shadows. You can do this by using blend if to remove it from the highlights. Now, let’s add color balance. I’m starting with mid-tone’s try and match it. With the overall blue tone of the image, highlights of the shark are actually a bit yellow so in highlights. Drag the button slider to the right. The shadows, however, need more blue. The most important thing in this matter is that you need to make sure not to make the blue color to purple, but also not to green. Now the colors might be good, but I destroyed the levels, so let’s add levels and put it under the color balance layer. Now you can start adjusting all of your layers to make it as close as you can. Obviously, your pictures of a color and lighting conditions, so my values are probably gonna look terrible on your image. But anyway, the most important stuff is still yet to come after some super cool and interesting facts about sharks and the first one. I chose really blew my mind. Sharks apparently don’t have bones before you’re gonna start firing stuff at me like, but then was this. Well, they do have a skeleton, but they don’t qualify as bones because they are cartilage. Which is the same stuff that’s in the tip of your nose. And did you know that the skin of sharks feel similar to sandpaper? It’s made of small teeth like structures called blue, black or black weight. Oh, boy, click oeid. Mcquoid, obviously it’s made of small teeth like structures called placard skills. Also, the upper portion of the body of a blue shark is really vibrant, blue and finally, unlike fish, sharks can only swim forward. That’s because their fins are stiff and cannot be controlled by muscles. So if anyone happens to ask you why sharks can swim backwards? You can tell them now. Back to the video, we’re about to do the most important thing ever shadows for the shadows on a shark, create a new solid color and make it completely black this way. We can easily change the color later, so don’t mind the color for now invert the mask and start painting a beautiful shadow. Now change the color and opacity to get the ultimate results. You can follow the exact same steps, but this time clip the solid color to the subject. We will also add extra highlights for that add a new exposure adjustment layer and set its blend mode to luminosity because we only wanted to affect the lights and not the colors or anything else slip it to the subjects bring up exposure and paint some highlights on the desired areas from this moment, it’s just kind of changing all the values and settings You have to streak everything until it looks just the way you like it. Maybe add another shadow layer or remove one and a highlight here on there. Maybe even change the blend mode. Anything you can change on what you already have. You could also add slide highlights and shadows to this shark to match the two together since these subjects has pretty bright highlights. Now you can now add some nice details like bubbles coming out of that pipe. Just search for underwater bubbles and tons of options appear, pick one with a black background, drop it in set its blend mode to screen and play around with the position, skill opacity and a layer mask. When you have everything in place, it’s time for a Camera Raw filter group, everything duplicate that group merge one of the two and convert it into a smart object, then go to filter and select Camera Raw filter. If you don’t have Camera Raw, you suck. No, just kidding. Just a little. What you do in here is all up to you, but I highly suggest you bring up. Please do a bit because I don’t know why just do it. You can play around with all these settings and oh, yeah, those shorts were supposed to be red, but since. I wore them quite a number of times. It kind of turns pink and this great software, any of that because the Gullah of those shorts is on the Magenta channel instead of the Red Channel. So yeah, well, at least I can now bring it back to red. Though, when you’re finished, you can hit okay and boom. You’re riding a bloody shark. You also might want to crop it because it’s a little weird looking composition right now, but of course, this is not what you would have to stop. You can go freaking wild with this as some sharks, Some submarines, sharks and submarines. I don’t bloody care! You get my point. You can go anywhere from this point. That’s two points in one sentence. Anyway, when I say anywhere, I really mean anywhere. Anyway, that’s how you can take your shark for a ride. Have you enjoyed watching this video? Let me know by leaving a like and a comment. Also, if you like, my video is feel free to subscribe to my channel and ring that bell. So that you don’t miss anything and? I hope I will see you in my next video [Music].