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How To Skew Objects In Illustrator!


Quick tip! Hello, creative. It’s your graphics girl. If graphics girl calm that’s graphics with pH and S girl with no eye and 3 Rs. And I’m here with a quick tip to help you design your brand. But first, how would you like a free cheat sheet? I thought so, header 2 graphics girl back home to get your free illustrator. Cheat sheet. That will show you all the shortcuts. In the program, there are four ways to skew or shear objects and text in Illustrator. The first way is to use the transform panel. You can show the transform panel by coming to window. Transform with your transform panel up and your object that you’d like to skew is selected. You just come over here to the shear field and type in an amount such as 45 degrees here. The sides are now still parallel, but the whole object has been skewed the second way to skew an object is to select the point that you’d like to skew with the direct selection tool or white arrow by clicking on the individual point that you’d like to skew or selecting multiple points either way you can decide to add in the shift key to constrain it. The third way is to use the shear tool the shear tool can be found on your toolbar by clicking and holding the scale tool. Once you click and hold The shear tool is a sub tool buried underneath that once you have your object selected and you choose the shear tool you’re able to click down and extend out your shear here. I have the shift key held in when I click and drag without you health, you can see that not only the shear, but also the orientation of the axis that it’s spinning on can also change. See, so if you’re showing, you’re smart guys, you can see this degree as well as the amount of the shear when you hold in the shift key and select your object, you have a little bit less mobility on the X Axis because it’s snapping to 45-degree angles the last way to share an object is to still use the shear tool but to double-click it here, the shear dialog box pops up and you have the opportunity to type in the amount or degree of that shear or spend the dial. If you have your preview checked, it will show you this. Depending on your object? Be careful, some degrees may be a bit extreme. So here I type in 45 degrees in preview and I could change the angle as well here. – 90 degrees in preview, So if I make it less extreme 25 degrees, you also have the ability to change it on the vertical or horizontal axis when you’re changing the degree or angle of your skew, so you really have a lot of flexibility to change both the angle as well as the axis from the shear dialog box, you have the same ability without utilizing the dialog box if you’re showing smart guides where it lists the degree, as well as the shear amount in the screen tip, you can ensure that as smart guides are shown by coming to view smart guides or control you one last note when using the shear tool, you have the ability to not take it from it’s the center by default, but rather placing that point of where you’re going to skew away from just like you do in the scale tool. See now it’s going to upper point. I had placed by default. That will be in the center of the object, so when you click off that tool and object and you click back on the shear tool, it will return to the default center of the object unless you click down and skew away from that point. I click down and skew away when I’m extending a shadow on text, for example here. I’ll show you, I’ll give myself some text here and I’ll go ahead and make it a little bit larger by command or control shift greater than symbol. And I’m going to copy this with command or control C Next. I’m going to lock this object down by doing Commander Control 2 Then I’m going to paste in back with Commander Control B Now with the copy that I placed him back. I’m going to click down with my share tool one time. I’m going to hold in my ship to extend it away. You can see how it is extending. We’re sharing away from this point that I’ve set to show the difference here. I’m gonna go ahead and I’m going to drop the color on the shadow to a light gray to really get the effect here. I’m going to do another skew and really extend it as you can see the effect. I am holding the shift key down so that it constrains it to this horizontal plane. I’ll go ahead and show my rulers with Commander Control R and drop down a guide. I’ll zoom in with Commander Control + and you can see that. I’ve clicked down on that line, The guide there and skewed away from that point. In this sense, it almost looks like it’s extending or giving it a drop shadow final step to really get some realism here, subtract the opacity to about 75% so one last example. I can show you here. I’m going to come to object, unlock. All delete guides by default will be locked. So you could right-click on your artboard and choose unlock guy in order to be able to select it and delete it. So when you’re skewing a shape with the shear tool, you have the ability to skew it away from its center or any point here. If I click down in the lower left hand corner and skew away from that point, I have the ability to control where I skew that object, and that’s how you can skew or shear an object in Illustrator. So if you found this video helpful, give it a like, share it with your friends and please subscribe to my channel and don’t forget for free marketing, branding and design resources head over to graphics girl. Calm, that’s graphics with pH and deaths girl with no eye and 3 Rs. And I’m here to help you design your brand [Music].