Society6 Vs Etsy | Passive Income For Artists – Is It Worth It? My Society6 Earnings & Closing My Etsy Shop

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Passive Income For Artists - Is It Worth It? My Society6 Earnings & Closing My Etsy Shop

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Hi, guys today. I wanted to talk a bit about passive income strategy. How much I made selling on society6 after one year back when I started my illustration career spoiler alert. It was not much. I also want to talk about passive income alternatives who I believe site lag society 6r4 as it all depends on what you want to do with your illustration career. Are you pursuing illustration, full-time? Or are you looking for an extra income on the side of your normal work While I talk about this all? I was properly to work in a joyful Barilla? Straighten all that I’m about to say is just my opinion based on my experience, and it’s not a financial advice or anything like that. So passive income is an important matter for many artists when I started researching about how to make money with illustration, so I could have some better income before getting clients. Society6 seemed to be popular among other creators. I was following, so I decided to create an account and added different products, and it all took me a few hours to set it all up after that. I started to share an Instagram regularly that I had a society6 page and started to promote products with my illustration’s. Bottom line is that I sold only two units in a couple of months. My store in society six is still open and those two sales. I had translated into only six dollars. The thing is, I believe that size. Lexus, 86 in my opinion, are fueled by us the creators, sending clients over to the website to make a back on the side while they make the whole profit out of it. We advertise the website for free and get a small cut. It might work for many, but it didn’t work for me even more as you might know. They show other products on every artist profile as recommended ones so even. If you drive one client to take a look at your shop, they might end up buying something else from someone else, which is good for them but bad for us. Also, if anything for me was that society6 was running some discounts and promotions on my stuff and those were totally independent from me, meaning that I didn’t get any say in that matter, So while they were making the prices of my products more attractive to customers. It also meant that, potentially. I was going to make even less money During that time. I was still posting in my Instagram stories about my society6 page, but nothing at all was happening. I was able to see some people clicking on it, but despite all that I didn’t see any movement in my society6 shop, so I reached out to a few illustrators. I had contact with who were also society6 sellers just to ask them how it was going for him, and most of them told me that it wasn’t going that well and that they weren’t selling much and those artists had accounts with over 10k followers at that time so after receiving such feedback from artists that had been around for more. I decided to change my strategy and opened my very own. Etsy shop. And I started selling my illustrations over there exclusively. I had already had another Etsy shop for a year for my jewelry brand and it was working out perfectly, but at the time I was sending my prints to a print house via email and collecting them in person in the afternoon, shipping them to customers the next day. I was driving kind of the same traffic from Instagram to the Etsy shop as I was doing for society6 and although I didn’t make many sales, I was making much more money. [MUSIC] Funnily enough, a few weeks after opening my new shop, Etsy decided to almost impose on sellers and they still pretty much do that to offer free shipping, which basically means including shipping fee within the item price. They also they also started to impose a fee upon the shipping cost. If you didn’t set it as free shipping now. I don’t like numbers, but just to put some things into perspective. Let’s say that for every 100 euros you sell on society6 you’re cut before. Tax is about 15 percent average, depending on the product setting all. Etsy will be for sure closer to 50% and now saying through your own website is even higher. Of course, I added some more research and around May last year. I open my own shop using Squarespace. This is not sponsored. I wish, but it’s not jokes aside. The platform is easy to use they accept basically all payment methods and the fees are way lower than Oh, let’s see best of all. I am able to have my portfolio blog and shop under one roof, so as a sort of conclusion to the story who is society6 for in my opinion for who it might work out best, I believe sites as Society6 are for creators that want to make some money on the side, but not much, it probably will do great if you have a huge audience and it might go even better If there is no other place to get your merchandise from it might work for creators that don’t want to have to maintain a full store and they don’t mind making a really small cut because they have huge sales volumes. I also saw some illustrators using websites like society6 as an uncomplicated way for shipping internationally, but still having their own Web shops for close distance shipping. Which I think can be a great idea. If you are like me and want to have a hand on quality paper, you enjoy packing your orders with care putting some goodies and adding some personal notes. I believe you will enjoy much more having an Etsy shop or your own website. I also read a video on how I pack my orders and I will leave the link above. If you want to check it out, let me know below if you want me to do a similar video to talk about the differences between having your webshop or running c-store. I think it may be interesting going into the details. As after a couple of years of having my Etsy jewelry store. I moved it to my own website last year. For many reasons. Thank you so much, guys. Let me know your experience with society6 or other websites like this one or your experience with passive income in general. Thanks a lot for watching and see you in the next video. Bye bye!