Spiral Text Photoshop | Create Spiral Circular Text Effect In Photoshop


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Create Spiral Circular Text Effect In Photoshop


Create a Spiral Circular Text Effect in Photoshop NyelenehArt create a new file Color: # c9847f or any color, it’s up to you (: use the custom shape tool spiral select: path horizontal type tool or try it on: windows ~ character make sure it looks like a cross (looks a bit like a wave line in the middle) || if so, click once and write text walah ((: || text can be enlarged if desired duplicate ~ ctrl + J || double-click on the T icon right click ~ rasterize type resize layer ~ ctrl + T blending mode: soft light right-click || blending options drop shadow and done … done :)) Thank you so much for watching! || Greetings … friends Don’t Forget to Subscribe for FREE! || to update the latest videos …