Swirl Effect Photoshop | How To Create A Swirl Effect In Photoshop And Lightroom. Tutorial For Beginners

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How To Create A Swirl Effect In Photoshop And Lightroom. Tutorial For Beginners


Hello, and welcome back to the channel in this video. I’m going to show you how to change an ordinary boxed under sort of holiday snack looking like this into this twirly effect sort of abstract sort of image. Now a friend of mine Who’s also a youtuber, Clive Tolbert. He suggested that I make a quick video, so thanks very much. Clive and anybody that’s watching this if you haven’t checked out Clive’s channel, please go do. So I will put a link to his channel in the description, so without further ado, let’s get on over into Lightroom and Photoshop and crack on now just before we go into Photoshop. I’m just going to say that this is a very, very simple edit. It’s really fall to shop for beginners, so let’s crack on and get that [Music] [Music] so here we are in Photoshop, and as you can see, this image is nothing special. It’s just basic holiday snap one or two last year whilst I was touring around Switzerland and northern Italy on the railway system so to get us started. What we need to do is left-click on the background image and convert this into a smart object. Now this isn’t essential for you to do this, but it will help if you want to go back and make any changes to the image later on so after. I’ve converted this into a smart object. I’m going to resize this image purely because you know, a smaller image size helps your computer run a bit faster, so if we go to image image size and you can see, this is four thousand nine hundred and sorry, four thousand five hundred ninety-two pixels. That’s a bit too big for what we want, so we can just reduce the image size. I’ll just reduce it by 50% and click OK, and that will help then with the speed on the computer, so I’m just going to click on this to make the image fit the screen, and now the first parts of the process of getting that swirls is to add some filters. So we’ve got a filter gods of pixelate choose mezzo tint in the mezzo tint box! We are various ways of doing it from fine dots. Medium dots course dots all this. I think I think that the medium strokes tends to work well with this image and then just click OK, so now it’s all these like lines across your image, and it also brings up some of the colors as well. So the next byte now is we choose another filters or we got a filter, go down to blur and add radial blur. And what we want my R in this radial blur dialog box. We want the amount up to 100% Click on zoom and then click. OK, so that’s where we’re at we first and know we need to just repeat that again and that by repeating, it will smooth out all these lines, so you can do this either two or three times, so because if you read your blog design out the top one in your dialog box again, 100% on zoom and click. OK, so now we’ve got all nice, smooth lines radiating from the middle of the image. It looks like the image is going at 200 miles an hour so now to add the swirls, we got a filter. This starts and then twirl and end it swirl box. I like to put this up to about 100 It doesn’t have to be accurate. You can choose any amount that you like. So we’re at minus 100 first click. OK, then when we’ve got the twirl added, we double click just on the right side of that layer, which will blink, bring up the blend options and in the blending options. I tend to think that line looks about the best, so a click line and then OK, so you can see now which way this image is going back to filter back to twirl and now. I like to do it about a hundred in the opposite direction. Click, okay, double. Click on the blend mode. Bring up the bland, more dialog box and again. I’m gonna choose light. You can use dark and light and difference all the different blend modes. Just play if I would, they see what you like, but I’m going on to lighten because I tend to prefer that. Look, and now I’m good at one more swirl to it’s well sorry back to 12 but I’m gonna go back the other way to about minus eighty. Something like that every time you do one of these images every time it will turn out a little bit different unless you do exactly the same alter the heads of the exact same numbers every time and again would go back to the blend mode. Choose lighten and then click. Okay so now we’ve got a basic twelve button. We can notice that. I didn’t a few different layers. So the first layer I’m going to add is a curve’s adjustment layer. I’m just gonna bring down the DAX a little bit and raised the light of it. Just a mile of the next adjustment layer is I’m gonna do a color balance. So in the color balance panel here. Icahn, you know to the red channel, the green channel, the blue. We can make it. I had a blue her already. So if we just move that back slightly, you’ll see which way this is going so. I’m just moving the red channel just towards this ayah! I’m gonna move to Green Channel Just down towards the Magenta and and the the Yellow Channel. I’m just gonna bring that up a little bit more into the yellows. So that’s in the mid-tones and you can just repeat this In the highlights. You can move the highlights on the red side. Kamu it up just bringing out little pink tones within the highlights. I just moved up or down a bit, so you can see where this is going so quite up with that now. So what I will do is save this over into Lightroom. I just click on save so now that the image is armed in Lightroom, we can do some basic. Lightroom edits on it. So what I’m gonna do with this now is just gonna drag down the highlights, just like I would a edits in any other normal raw file. I’m gonna bring up the shadows. I’m gonna set the white point by holding down the Alt key and click on the white slider. Move it across just so we get a few bits coming through then. Just back it off a bit. I’m gonna set the black point by doing just the same holding down the Alt key, moving The black slider over to the left. Just always start getting the blacks clipping. I’m now gonna route some texture, quite a bit and clarity, so the image. And then I’m just gonna scroll down here until the boss dropping yet. Hogs, Kanava Lucy might start a little bit of a vignette and then I’m gonna crop this image just to improve the composition, and I’ll probably have that some more like that upon, you know. So the center ear is just off towards the upper left down third the return and we’re up the completed swirly image from so from where we started with the trail in a station to this swirl effect. I think you’ll agree that it makes for a nice abstract image. Something that’s easy to do so. I’ve enjoyed this tutorial. Please click the subscribe button any questions. Just put it in the comments below. Thank you very much and will. I see you in the next one.