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I Redesign Trucks In Photoshop!


[MUSIC] Hi, my name is Isaac, and I’ve been on a little bit of a hiatus, though. You wouldn’t know that because I’ve been uploading videos every week the last two weeks I’ve actually been on jury duty, so the last two videos that I uploaded. I actually uploaded on break at the courthouse, so I don’t have time to, uh. You know, film video? So this is my first video back, and I figured I’d do something a little bit differently. I don’t have a truck lined up to review because all of the truck reviews got pushed back a couple weeks because of jury duty. I didn’t know when I was gonna get out. Court cases are crazy. Believe it or not. I actually really like being on the jury. Wasn’t super excited at first to do that, but after the whole case, kind of got started. I’m like, oh, my goodness, this is like a movie. They’re like yelling at each other. It’s crazy, it’s crazy! If you’ve ever gotten jury duty, you might know what I’m talking about or. Maybe you got jury duty. It was super boring. I have no idea anyway, since I don’t have a truck to review or a new Mod to add to my truck. I decided that I’m gonna do a video where I focus on fixing the problems that I’ve seen on my favorite Trucks. Least favorite trucks may be changing them a little bit because I do love to draw, and I figured I’ve seen a lot of other Youtube channels where they’ll change stuff in, you know? Photoshop, and I want to add and change a few things on some of the trucks that I like to maybe make them look better. I have no idea how this is gonna play out. I don’t have a script for this. I know what trucks I want to do. I just don’t know how this is gonna go, so we’ll see, basically, this is. I fix trucks in Photoshop and well. See how it looks here we go. We have three trucks. I’m gonna Photoshop and I’m gonna go over briefly. What I don’t like about them? For starters, so we’re gonna pull up the 2019 Toyota Tundra. That’s our biggest thing. I’m gonna pull up the crew cab in the extended cab. I don’t have a problem with the crew cab. I think the crew cab is actually a very handsome looking truck. I really like how it looks so that’s. The extended cab is the crew cab. So my biggest problem is right here where the back Fender flares out a little bit. Now on the 2007 design they. I don’t know what they were doing here. I don’t know, I don’t know why they did this. So it kind of flares down and I don’t it’s. Oh, look, so ugly, like it looks like the Toyota. Tundra extended cab has like a like off. It almost looks like it’s a dually like it’s flaring out to be a dually, but it’s not, and then it ends up, making the truck Kind of look. A little goofy like I don’t really. I don’t like how that looks now. The crew cab doesn’t really have that because the the cab is longer, so what? I really want to focus on is fixing this because I’ve done this before. I did this in Photoshop once and what this looks so much better. Why wouldn’t they just make it flush like the rest of the truck is kind of flat right here, one other thing. I do want to touch on is how the cab curves here on. The extended cab doesn’t really do that on the crew cab. At least not an abnormal amount. I’m gonna change that a fender flaring in the back to make it flat. And then I’m maybe gonna pull the cab out a little bit here to see and made me make that a little bit flat. Maybe make that a little bit more boxed off. I really think that this from end design for the tundra is great. I really like how it looks. This entire video is me being petty. By the way, none of this matters, none of this affects design. None of this affects aerodynamics. Whatever you say, it’s all me being petty. Alright, so now we have the tundra up here and it is big. This photo isn’t great, but we’re gonna. Photoshop it anyway, so we’re gonna go in. What are we gonna do first? Okay, here’s what we’re gonna do. We’re gonna go in. We’re gonna do the smudge tool. This is actually might be fairly simple to do this. So we’re gonna go a little smaller. We’re gonna smudge this a little. Oh, my gosh, too much too much, smudge. Hey, smudge, this a little bit there. We go, that’s not too terrible, and then we’re gonna take the clone stamp tool, so look at that well. You know, much better that looks if it just, it’s just a plug. I don’t need effect. The cab. It just runs flush through, and then cuz the back here is flush, so I don’t know why it needs to curve down, so let’s take the clone stamp tool and then we’re gonna just take this section of the bed and just kind of extend it. There see, look at that. Look at how much better that looks so going back to the smudge, lets. Bring how shoot do. I want to do it like this. Yeah, well, do it like this. I guess. Wow, how am I gonna do this properly and not make it sucky looking? Okay, here’s. What we’re gonna do we’re gonna do? This is the problem. When you decide, you’re gonna make a video and you don’t have any ideas so like you don’t like. I didn’t, whoops. I didn’t pre plan this at all. So alright, what I’m doing is I’m erasing the layer here. So when I smudge the cab on here, it’s not gonna affect the background at all, so a little bit of a little bit trickery. Here, let’s do like that. Maybe you don’t need to drag it out too far. I think that’s pretty good, and then we’ll clean this up. Okay, maybe a little bit further. All right, cool. Oh, that’s not bad. Let’s fix the lets. Fix the door sill here. Its stamp tool, clone stamp tool. I’m telling you a Photoshop. That’s your guy, it’s your pal. I’m gonna make the door sill. Go up a little bit straighter here. Just cuz it’s obviously we’re opening the cab up a little bit more good thing. I checked cuz. I ran out of recording space fantastic, so I just wrapped up the tundra, so we’ll go over, basically what I what the looks are and everything and what I changed real quick. I’m gonna put the original tundra on the left here and mine on the right, you know? I think that personally I would get mine just because I like how the looks are. I think it just flows better down here and I like that? The cab is extended out more. Don’t like how that flares down like that. I think that that’s a much sleeker look. Tell me what you guys think in the comments, obviously. I know some people might really like the look. Some people might like how it kind of bubbles a little bit there, But I like how this looks. I think that looks pretty good. I’d buy a truck That looks like that on to the next truck. The GMC Canyon is woo hoo good looking truck. I really like how this truck looks. I think it is a pretty handsome looking truck. The front end looks good what? I’m changing this window line right here. Swoops up! I don’t like how it swoops up. I think that it’s it’s weird. It’s almost like they took it in Photoshop and went what it reminds me of is kind of a European UTE design and furnace. You are for a truck and kind of what? I’ve seen in a lot of the Australian and European other European trucks, and then I remembered that the GMC Canyon and the Chevy Colorado have been in production in for sale since 2012 overseas and that when they brought them back, they just took that overseas design and redid the front fascia and the back a little bit neglecting to change the cab, which is having, which has that kind of UTE design. Because if we go here to this one to this one. I went! Oh, well, maybe the Canyon Does that swoop to match the back window line. But if you look here, it doesn’t because draw it. Does it? Because the back window line can match right here like it? Doesn’t need to swoop up. I just don’t like how it looks, so we’re gonna fix it. I like working with silver trucks. Just because it’s a little bit easier. Woopsie doozies. It’s a little bit easier to to when you’re editing them to bring the colors up in the car. Intimate kind of match the contrast and everything with the silver. It’s not always, but it. I just think that it’s a little bit easier when I’m photoshopping trucks. Look at that, like it’s not fantastic, but we’re gonna make it look fantastic in a second here, but it’s just like oh yeah. I mean, GMC Canyons. I think are really good-looking trucks and they and they really do. Basically, they just copy the Sierras and I am totally okay with the copying of the Sierra because I really like how the Sierra looks and you know, to have come on to have that kind of design on the mid-size truck is is neat, so I went to college for video editing and that’s. I really, honestly if I had to be honest. I want to be an actor, but I really felt like I said in my other video that I really felt God leading me towards being a youth pastor. And you know, when God tells you to do something at least in my book, which is the Bible? You know, you don’t ignore it. You don’t ignore when God’s telling you to do something and I saw I was like, okay. God, this is what you want me to do. I will not ignore you in doing this. And so I’m like you know what I’m gonna go back to college Speed Youth Pastor. And I’m ecstatic. I’m really excited to hopefully be able to go back next year and so in this gap year. I’m like I’m gonna make videos because I love doing truck stuff. And so if I get the opportunity to make this video for you guys. I’m thrilled, okay. Shoot, forget how to move the clone stamp tool. Yes, Okkkk frame offset 60 No, it’s not it shoot. Oh, here we go here. We go here. We go 50 sit. Yes, okay, great. See, look at that that rear window. And how much it looks how much just? I think it looks more. Flush how the it’s more open. Maybe it’s just me. I I also think it just. I don’t think the Windows Swooshing design goes good with how the front end looks. I don’t! I think it looks too. European for the side swoosh with the window. And I think it means the window line should be more boxy. Don’t even get me started on how the cab swoosh is like that, like it. Kind of curves at the cab. That’s not the worst thing in the world to really care less about that, but the window is what I see and I see this. These trucks drive by and I go. That’s a good-looking truck. Oh yeah. I don’t like how the window looks. Oh, but now we’ve made the window. Look better, not great, but better and we are back. I had to take a little bit of a break before we got to the f-150 I. My camera was about to overheat and so I wanted to let the battery charge a little bit more, and so we can get into this. This is gonna be quite the interesting thing, so we have our f-150 here, boy. This is what? I don’t like, okay. I think these f-150 look really nice. I like the majority of how this looks the higher trims. Some of these guys have these giant chrome grilles, and I’m not opposed to Chrome. What I don’t like about. This is how there’s a big overhang of the grille So basically on this truck specifically. I need to make that a little bit bigger on this truck. The grill, like goes way above the headlights and it just looks like weird like. Why is the grill this high like? I feel like it should be cut off at the headlights. Right here or the headlights should be raised up. I don’t know why they don’t just cut that. Cut the thing here. That’s ridiculous, so that’s. What we’re gonna do today now to give you some context? I don’t mind this f150 I think this f150 looks great as I mentioned. Some of the trims on these trucks do look fine. I think this looks great. I think this is an all-around. A great truck just because the giant chrome section is color matched. And so you don’t see it. I think that looks a lot better on these trucks makes them look a lot more tough and sleek. I want to just experiment and move this grille just down a little bit more, So it’s on line with the headlight. Oop, there’s our grille. This is just gonna be a very light, quick, basic design shift. So I guess if we put the headlights on line there, I mean I. I think that that looks if you just if we make it completely flush. We just put the grille like that. So you think that’s a pretty good look? I don’t know why Ford kind of didn’t just do that. It’s it’s odd because, and this is why. I was confused with kind of Ford’s thing before is they’re so like they’re very good, especially with this current generation of f-150 to make it look very sleek and very the lines all put together in flow else. So it’s odd for me to see on this f-150 especially with your front grille. Why it doesn’t look flush like if we look here, we’re just gonna compare this real quick like why? Oh, boy, let’s get you out here. So this is what the original looks like. This is what mine looks like like why the grille couldn’t sit flush with the headlights. Like, why is it above it like that? Seems like a design choice. You could just you could negate right there unless it was like rushed. Because I think mine looks much better. Even it’s probably an inch or two higher, but if we move it lower, that sits kind of like the f250s grills. Do that’s weird, that’s why. I don’t know why they did that, but let’s get to the crowning contender. The chrome grille on this guy. Oh, boy, what are we doing here? What are we doing? Um, Mr. Chrome grille here, lets. Take you bring you into this this picture. Alright, you get look a little bit more flushed, so let’s bring this part of the grille in. Bring this part of the grille in a little bit. I can’t win, lets. Pull you out! Get you right to where this look looks, okay. Alright, lets. Say, that’s that right there we could. We could airbrush in. We could do a light paint here with the wood to kind of keep it flowing. Oh, goodness, come on, so ya tell me clearly a little bit more rushed on this one. I guess tell me what you think. Ah, I don’t think mines like the greatest design, But I just don’t like how high it goes. I think either the headlight. It almost looks photoshopped. This one on the right almost looks like it is the photoshopped one because it goes so high on the hood, but then on the left. I see where Ford is probably coming from. It looks goofy if you did the grille like this. I don’t know, tell me in the comments. Guys what you think. I definitely think that the ideal f150 of this generation. I don’t exactly remember quite which what’s the name of this generation, but I think the ideal f150 would be this with the grill. Lowered a little bit to look to look a little sleeker, But yeah, so tell me what you guys think of this with this video. Hopefully it was informative. I don’t know why it would be informative. I hope I hope that this can help. Start a conversation in the comments. I didn’t really have too much to do today, so I figured. I’d film this video kind of experiment, a little bit more with the kind of the truck theme, but not necessarily reviewing a truck. My new goal is to do one video a week. I don’t know if you’ve noticed throughout this. I have a new microphone. Set up my last video with my where I did the features where I did the features on my trucks. The microphone feedback like the actual, literally, the feedback and the microphone wasn’t great, so I decided to invest in some better ones, so I can make you guys some higher quality and better videos. You can leave a like or comment. That would be awesome. If you could subscribe, that would be even better. I’m really trying to get to a thousand subscribers, so I can monetize the videos not that I’m trying to be greedy or anything, but I really do the more that I can monetize the better equipment I can afford. I can’t afford to do too crazy of videos now, so that’s why. I’m trying to experiment with stuff like this. So the more that you guys support me. The better production value videos. I can do so. I’m super excited about that. Thanks for watching everybody. I hope you have a great rest of your day and remember no matter. What truck you pick. I’ll be praying that God blesses you and it lasts you for a very long time. Take care!