Vector Halftone Illustrator | Tutorial: Make Vector Halftones In Adobe Illustrator


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Tutorial: Make Vector Halftones In Adobe Illustrator


I saw this thicker at Wahoo’s Fish Taco, And I liked the color, and I also liked that. You could see the Halftone dots. They’re kind of oversized halftone dots. And if you want to create this kind of effect in Adobe Illustrator, you could do it vector if you want and I’ll show you how to do that, so let me create a circle and then I will just option drag a copy that up, holding down the shift key just to make sure it’s vertically centered over the other one, and I’ll scale it down a little bit, and now what I can do is select the blend tool and click on one and then click on the other and the blend tool will make an in-between. Let me show you just to give you a little bit better idea, so let’s say. I did a hexagon and you can do the same thing, and you can also blend from one shape to another. So let’s say I did a star and then blended it to a circle and actually let me show you one more thing. I’ll turn the start to red and the circle black, so you can blend from red to black. And that has too many in-between shapes for the halftime effect or trying to get so. Let me just go back. I’ll have that selected double-click on the blend tool, instead of smooth color. Let’s specify the number of steps and let’s try say 30 I’ll click preview and we probably want a little less than that. Maybe 20 and that’s starting to look pretty good. And the other thing with the blend tool is you can select one of the pieces. I’ll select this circle and and I can just move it around and the in-betweens will follow so anyway. We don’t want to do either of those lets. Just delete that one thing. I do want to do here Is I want to make this top circle smaller just to give more of a dramatic look to it and I can also option drag copy over to the right holding down the shift key. We get this wash thing out of the way and what we want to do. Here is let’s go object expand, and now it’s no longer blend shape. These are just individual circles, but we can blend from this one to this one, so let’s click our blend tool again. Click on this one. Click on one on the right and now we’re starting to get a nice halftone affect the other thing I want to do is I want this to go from small dots and then eventually to solid color, so what we can do here is let’s select the blend shape again, go to the blend tool and we can specify our number of steps and I’ll just increase this. Let’s say 33 and see how that looks. It’s almost completely solid lets. Go 36 Yeah, that’s starting, look pretty good, and then we can go object, expand and just turn that into a big halftone and the other thing we can do here is in our Pathfinder. Let’s click unite and that’ll just turn it into one solid object. So now what we can do? Is, you know since we’re inspired by this? Wahoos, let’s [Music] just eyedropper that pink, actually. No, what lets let’s just turn this palm tree to pink, and then I drop her that yellow and position it right there, and then it goes from yellow to green, so you know? I’m gonna do, I’m just gonna duplicate that group. Both of those let’s add a little bit more solid yellow here, group all that yellow, and then I’m gonna option drag a green copy down, actually, another copy and then assign it green, so that’s starting to look pretty cool, pretty 80s and then let’s select all that green and then option drag some blue and well eyedropper this blue, and maybe I’ll select the yellow, the green and the blue just drag it up a little bit and then let’s take this palm tree shape and just select it. Copy it and then paste in front command. F so we got the palm tree selected and let’s select all our halftone colors and then go. Oh, and the other thing is you want to make sure this top object is a compound path, so I already know it is, but just in case you could go object Compound path, make or command eight control, eight feeling the PC, So I’m selecting the palm tree and all the half-ton gradients and go come in seven, and you know, the other thing. I think this would actually look better if we tilted it. So let’s double Click on that to get into isolation mode and select just a half tones and put it at an angle. So there you go. That’s how to make Vector Halftone dots in Adobe Illustrator.