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Vintage Vector Logo | How To Add Texture In Illustrator | Satori Graphics Illustrator Tutorial


In today’s Illustrator tutorial, we’re going to make a vintage vector logo design, and I will show you how to add texture to any design in Adobe Illustrator. How’s it going, Everybody? Welcome back to Satori. Graphics, home of graphic design content. If you’re new here and you enjoy my content subscribe for my five weekly graphic design uploads. And if you have them already hit that Bell icon to turn on your expectations, so you never miss an upload now on with today is a vintage vector logo tutorial. The first thing we need to do for our vintage logo Design is to make the outline of the shield hit command or control R to open up your rulers and then drag some guides onto your art board like I’m doing here. We want one in the middle with two equally apply on the left on the right and then two to help us with the bottom on the top of the shield and choose the stroke and grab the pen tool using the pencil. Draw an outline of your shield using the guides like. I’m doing here after you are done. You can use a direct selection tool to edit the anchor points and the handles also the selection tool to edit the size on the shape of your outline. Once happy, go ahead and with the stroke thicker to something similar as mine here, this will be the outline of a vintage vector logo design and next we’re going to add a detail and finally the texture next select the Polygon Tool and double-click, the artboard in Illustrator type in three sides and generate the shape we can hold down the alt/option key and duplicate The triangle eating you too. We’re going to make Mountain Peaks. While Shield logo design, we need to open up the Pathfinder window and then hold down shift to select both triangles and then unite them together. Now select the color you can see over black and using the pencil through two shapes that are going to resemble snow, make sure that both shapes are fill and then unite them together once the United selected both the snow and the mountains and use the option in Pathfinder window to cut the snow into the mountains. Move the mounting over to a shared outline and place it where you think looks best. It will help to have a guide on the center of your shield for this next part. Use the pen tool to create shape that will continue the mountain down the shield like I’m doing here once happy to let a new shape and the mountain and join them together in the Pathfinder window, we are nearly ready, tailored extra in Illustrator to make a little design vintage, but first we can add a shape at the top, filling the negative space of our like the design. Let me know what you guys think. Do you prefer the leg a with or without the shape? Let me know in the comment section below. You can use the Ren collection to any stage to move and edit your logo design via the anchor points and I just mentioned which lady designed Eva Fair. I’m going to add a vintage texture effect to the one on the left, simply because it has more black areas that occupy the vintage style open up the transparency window in Illustrator, but also make sure that all of your shapes United is one in the path under window. There’s a link in the description below for these grand directors here, but once you’ve opened them, pick one of them in command or ctrl C to copy it. So let the logo design and then the transparency window click the show options uncheck booth boxes and then click the right-hand box. This is where you can then paste your vector in with command or control. V you can then add as many vectors as you want using this method, but the more you add the slow. Your computer is going to become once happy. You simply need to select the left box here when you’re done. Your vintage vector load design is complete with texture you can edit and change the color as you wish. Here’s how my funnel is. Design came out, and because it’s a vector is going to retain quality and scale. So what did you think of my vintage bike? A little design in Illustrator? Let me know in the comment section below and leave a like on your way out, subscribe my five weekly graphic design uploads and until next time design your future today, peace.