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Warp Text In Adobe Illustrator | Make With Mesh | Graphic Design


Hey, guys, welcome back to another episode of creative process in today’s video, we’ll look at how to Web text in a novelist rate up using make with mesh option in the previous video, we have seen how you can use, make it Web option to create out some amazing text design. We have pretty nice takes vector. Then we create a title and after that we have worked on our logo fast design using the make with ramp option in this tutorial, we’ll be creating out some amazing, thanks to fake using the make with mesh option, so we’re beginning over some designs like using the texture. I will look at how we can use mesh option to give some a wavy look or will add some nice curve to your logo as something like this or something simple, similar to this or a vector, just like this, giving it a folding. Look similar to this, so lets. Look at how we can create out this design. The first thing we’re gonna do is to understand the options and the attributes that you get so. I’ll just create out the simple takes design and show you the attributes, so let’s add about takes, so I’ll just use the text tool and type out our text, FL UI the fluid, and here’s our text now. I’ll just kill this off and let’s apply the effects, so I’ll go to object envelope, distort and make with mesh option in the previous video. We have seen how we can use. Make it very often today. We will be using the mesh options, so click on it and you got this attribute panel here. You’ve got two blocks rows and columns, so you can decide the number of rows or number of columns. You want to add to your design? So I’ll just preview it and you can see here so you can increase the number of rows by just clicking on these arrows. So right now, if I check out over here for this design, we need some adjustments in our middle, so lets. Add some rows, check it out. We need some over here, so let’s increase it to six, and we got the middle portion over here so for six and for the columns you can either remove, or you can add one or two, just as per your wish, but it doesn’t affect your design at all so. I’ll keep it to one and click OK, and here we go. Here’s our design, so I just like the dye extraction to do now and select this middle vertices and with a shift pressed, press the arrow key and move it on the right side and Ill. Just move it until this much and here you can see these shapes are not in perfect shape, so the best thing you can do is select them and just kill them up, and as you scale them up, the details become smoother and just like this. So if you reduce it, you can see all. The details are gone, so so make sure that while applying the mesh option, just make sure that your takes are large, whether you are applying it to a text or an object, make sure they are larger in size, and you get some smooth effect over here here. You can see if they’re appointed, so I just scale up more just to see everything is smooth, so as you can see as I increase the shape, everything because smooth now I’ll just go to object and expand it so good object, expand it and click OK, and now if I reduce it, you get your nice, smooth design over there, and this is how you can create this kind of fluid text effect using the mesh option. Next, we’ll create out the steaks, so let’s see how you can create this way, be looking text and to create that it’s very simple. Lets type our text first waa RP Web, and now as we have seen, we need to apply to a large deck, so let’s increase the text size for this as well and I’ll keep it around here, and now that’s apply the mesh, so I’ll go to object and elope the star and make it mesh and here. Let’s preview it and for this design as you can see. We need some wavy effect, so we need some section, so one two, three, four five, so I’ll add five rows and we’ll keep the columns 1 and click OK and here we go. We got the rows so now. I’ll use the dissection to select these anchor points from here and just move it on the left side using the shift and arrow press so Ill. Move it around like this this section. I’ll move it on the right side. A little bit this section. I’ll move it on the left side and we’ll do the same for the rest like them and moving on the right like this, and you can do the adjustments as per you requirements so. I think this looks good. What is the next step to give? This perspective. Look where on the left hand side. It’s smaller on the right hand side. It’s bigger, so we’ll use the transform tools so now select this using the selection tool and we’ll go to transform tool, select this icon perspective distort and I’ll click over here at this point and click and drag up and down and zoom in. We can see you can give some perspective depth over here, so increase it around this much, and I’ll just deselect this and selecting this option Free transform, just go over here and just make it like smaller, so over here just like that, and I think this is what we want also go to go to object and expand it. Click on it and expand it now. I’ll just reduce the shape and here is our design now. This is the text we want. You can do further adjustments as per your requirement, like if you want to keep it narrow, just click and drag it down and you got a smaller version of it. So this is how the second design is created the third design. I want to talk about. Is this logo with a little round effect to it? So we’ll be using the mesh tool and we’ll use the free transform tool in a different ways. So let’s look at it so. I’ll just place design somewhere around here. First of all, let’s create the logo, so use the text to s/o. You and the sound VAR bar. So here is our fixed, and I’ll just create these some vectors some small details, So I’ll use the rectangle tool and draw a rectangle, something like this and with the pen tool selected Ill. Just delete off this point and we got this triangle. Just select this Anchor Point and just drag it down a little bit something like that, and now I’ll place this somewhere around here and I’ll just reduce the height and please sit over here with a little tilt create under duplicate. Give a little tail to it. I’ll just make a little flower board and under to placate and just create out of it and I just little backwards just to give that random. Look, now we’ll create out this Mike Vector so to create that I’ll be using a shape on, so I’ll use the rectangle tool and draw a rectangle, just the same height of our text and now. I’ll place it somewhere around here. I reduce the thickness around this much. I’ll create a duplicate of it and I’ll just expand it. Something around like this, and I’ll create on a duplicate of it and to this one, I’ll just reduce the thickness, and now what we’ll do is we’ll select this and using the free transform tool over here to click on perspective, distort and click on this icon and just drag it down to narrow it like this. And you got this shape now. I’ll just reduce the height, according to our design. So I’ll keep it something like this will reduce the height, a little bit more, something like this just to give that depth and just make sure they are overlapping just to make sure that there’s no gap in between, and I’ll just keep it, according to the height of our shape and this one, I’ll just increase it a little bit and here we go Click on the Mike shape now. The next step we’re gonna do is to give this little curve a look and to do that. I’ll be using our previous option that is make with Web option. So what I’ll do is I select these group it up and now we’ll go to object envelope, restore, make it ripe option and here we’ll select this arc, and if you choose from horizontal and vertical, you can see the effect so right now. I need to go on the vertical line, so I want it. In a vertical way, so selecting that vertical, you can adjust the curve, according to your need. So if you want to give this effect something like this. You can do that, but right now we need some. Corvina, like this, So I’ll just increase the curve similar to this and click OK, so we have added that nice curve. I’ll just bring this nearer to our text just to reduce the any gap over there now. Selecting this, I’ll expand the shape, so go to object and expand it and click. OK, and here is our design. I’ll just go over here and combine them and next well. Add these details, so it’s very simple. It just looks like this duplicate duplicate off. It places somewhere around here. Let’s apply white color and arrange it to front and use it in dissection, too just to make them similar to this and this one. I just the cylinders. So we added that nice detail. Draw one more staff using the pencil. I just create a vectors for holders. Now select these two and let’s subtract using the Pathfinder. And here we go. Our logo is ready now to give this effects. This little curve effect, we’ll use the match two, so select everything group it up and now let’s increase the size a little bit just to see the details we are working on, and I’ll go to object handle of the start, Make with mesh and here preview. It and here is our design. So right now for this design. We need to add columns, so let’s add some columns so click and increase the number of columns so and make sure that you’re not adding it a lot add the number of columns you require to do the adjustment just that, and I’ll reduce the number of rows for this design and only invoke, and that’s add one just to make sure that there is a stable balance over there and add this column around five and click OK, so we got all these vectors just to do the adjustments now. I’ll select the free transform tool And using the perspective transform, just click on this and reduce the size just to give that perspective. Look, so as we have added a perspective. Look, the next step we’re gonna do is to add that little. Co and through that, we’ll be using the die selection tool. Let’s select this, and the selecting these anchor points will go to transform tool and just rotate it like this and I was again. Use the dissection tools like the other remaining two section and three transform tool just rotate it similar to this will again select the last piece and using the free transform tool. Just rotate it, something like that. We’ll do the same thing for this side as well so selecting these and using the free transform to just make a little Ko, and once you have done these make sure that all the handles are smooth, so go in there, just make it smoother. Click the handles and just maintain the flow of your design. Just click and drag just to maintain the flow and once. You have done that as you can see. We got a nice interesting. Look over here, and if you want to do for the resistance, you can easily do that. If you want to. Increase the perspective depth, just like the perspective to and click on it and make it a little bit narrower and I think. If you want to like, reuse this section, you can just move forward, just like this and place. It something like here and you get that nice. Look over here like that. This is how you can create a nice logo Using the mesh option and envelope distort. Now the next thing we’re gonna do is to create this next bloop effect in Illustrator so to create that will again follow the same steps. So I’ll just place this design aside and now let’s create a date, so lets type our text. Midd le middle enter. I’ll just go to alignment here and set it to center like that, and let’s increase the size and think like this, and now let’s apply mesh, so I’ll go to object. Go to and up the store, make with mesh and father’s design again. We want to apply some section in rows, so I’ll increase the row’s number of rows and let’s count it. Out 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 So we’ll need eight rows, so I’ll add 8 around here. And for this column, We can reduce it to minimum and click. OK, and now let’s give that effect. So I’ll just use the direct selection tool to select the anchor points, so use it. I selection tool and just click over here and move it on the left side and like this well again, so like this moving on the right side. This one move it on the left side, so just follow along and do this for all the other sections just to create some wave lo creo design. And if you zoom it in and if we like the some of the shapes are distorted, the simple step is to just scale up the sticks and see if everything is smooth down so now once you have get that, we’ll use the free, transform tool, free, transform to selected, just click over here and click and drag it up like this, and you can give our angular tool to your design and I’ll just expand it. Just go to object. Expand, click. OK, and here is our text effect. We have given using the make with mesh option, so here’s our text, and after that you can change the background edges, the color that’s as per your choice now. The last thing we’re gonna do is to look at how you can create this vector design. It seems like there’s a death in it, so it’s very simple. Let’s create that out, so I’ll be using the rectangle tool and that straw draw rectangle something like this and to make the corners round use, use the die selection to and make them brown like that, and now let’s work on it to create these sections. There’s 1 2 3 4 sections out there. Let’s use the stroke option to create that shape, so I select this and go to appearance and here is our stroke, so let’s apply our first row. Let’s apply red and I’ll go inside stroke and change it to like this align circle inside just to make sure that it’s inside our shape and let’s include the thickness around 4 lets. See how it looks, so I just really increase the size little bit more and make the corners round, and now I’ll increase this size if I give 5 it’s very huge, so let’s give it a round 4 then I’ll create an Adobe Get of the stroke, something like this click and drag and drag and drop it to a layer and it will create a new duplicate of this stroke. So like this second and choose something different color and let’s apply something 7 I’m adding 3 millimeter inside so 4 plus 3 7 Let’s see okay That thickness. I’ll create a duplicate of it and for this is true. I’ll give a great again and over here. I’ll add 4 millimeters 7 plus 4 That is Levin, So I’ll enter 11 and you got that thickness, and as you can see, we need to do some adjustments over here, so I’ll increase the first stroke to 5 just to make sure that the inner portion is thinner, So I’ll apply 5 Then Fathers 5 Plus 3 What we get is 8 Let’s see and over here 8 Plus 5 is 13 and I think this good. So now select this go to object and expand appearance and here we go and after that using the ship builder tool. I just make sure that this section is separate. This section is separate ungroup it so so like this this and bring it out and rest. I’ll delete it out. And now here is a basic shape of the design. That’s at this section, so I’ll use the rectangle tool again and draw the shape something like this and make the corners round like that and place this somewhere around here. So this is our basic design. So now lets group this up Ctrl G or come on, G and let’s apply that effect, so as you can see, they have shifted the position in the middle. So what I’ll do is I select this go to object and up the store, make it mesh and let’s add rows like this And this would be the middle section. I’ll just add one more 9 and here we go. This is the Middle Section now, so I’ll add 9 rows and 1 column and click OK, and now using your die selection to select these down sections and shift it on the left side, similar to this and Ill. Just bring it off something like that. And if you see, the shapes are not smooth, the simplest way is to increase the size, so let’s increase the size and it becomes smoother and now. I’ll just rotate this to an angle with the ship. Press 45-degree angle and here we go. I’ll just object, expand it and place it somewhere around here and for this design, let’s pick this color and here is our final output. So as you can see, make with measure option is very simple using the mesh option. You can create some interesting design similar to this whether you are creating a logo or a text vector or some graphic a typography effects. You can use it and create some interesting design, and the next video will look at how we can reshape our text using the objects, so we can apply the text to any shape like you want to apply to a circle or rectangle or a square or you want to apply the perspective way you can do that using the make to drop object and we also look at how we can use those tools in different scenarios, so don’t forget to check out the next tutorial coming up, and if you want more updates on design E, don’t forget to. Like, share and subscribe This channel, thank you.