What Photoshop Does Pewdiepie Use | How Good Is Pewdiepie At Photoshop?

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How Good Is Pewdiepie At Photoshop?


What’s up my new? Photoshop magicians. How is your life today? We’re going to do something interesting well. Check out how good is. Pewdiepie at a video that you might think it’s a joke. It’s not Photoshop. Wow, because I have seen some of his videos where he uses. Photoshop, and I have to say he’s pretty good, but also absent some mistakes that I would like to discuss and just to show that I am creative to do that. I have 20 years of experience in Photoshop. Okay, maybe I lied about this. Maybe tilt a bit less. I’ve been teaching it as well, so I am definitely the pro of the pros we will watch. Pete, if I create a really nice thumbnail, you suck at it. What did he just tell me that? 1920 X 1080 put 300 If you’re gonna print that I saw you need. That’s actually right. Lots of people forget to put resolution to 300 to make sure that it’s the highest quality because when resolution is 72 is just the standard quality 200 basically means that this quality is going to be four times more. That means that, for example, if you zoom into artwork four times, it’s still going to be a good quality, good job. My friend, good job, okay. He got this one, right. Create there. You go see so many of you Plebs have the wrong goddamn aspect ratio. Now we need a good quality pen paste it into the Photoshop so first things first the image that he pasted. It is not a smart object. It’s a stupid object. We can say when the layer is smart. Be on here this icon, but here he doesn’t have a so it’s a stupid to learn. Basically, this is really bad, so for example, as you see here. I have one smart object and one just the normal, non smart object, So let’s just show you an example if I make, let’s say this object small, It’s a which is not, which is a stupid object. Let’s call it stupid object. Let’s say I make it smaller, okay. I make it small, small, small, and then I click. OK Button And then let’s say I want to make it big now. Look what happened now. The quality sucks. Why because this is what happens to stupid objects, so let’s say. I make it even I make it again. Small like even smaller, for example, some that okay, and let’s say I make it again big. You see it’s pixel, so that’s why you have to use smart objects, But if I use, lets the small, you see, it’s a smart object. I make it small look and make it small, small, small, small like I can make it like as small as I freaking. Want to make it like that, right, You see how small it is and now? I want to make it bigger, so I just can. I make it bigger. Look, you see, the quality is still perfect. Oh, that’s why you should never use stupid object. So in order to make any object smell, just click right button on and choose convert to smart object. So let’s hit Ctrl. T now we can move that, Okay, Ctrl, T, That’s good. He knows some hotkey’s so to remove it to the website. Keep the aspect ratio that’s also important. Hold down shift to keep the aspect ratio. Well, that was true until the latest versions of Photoshop because he is using. Dude, I think it’s like five years ago. So at that time, you definitely need to hold shift in today’s version of Photoshop, just Im. Telling you just for you 2020 you don’t need to hold shift, hit one of the corners and drag that if you don’t hold shift, you’re gonna end up like this, Okay, What I what I tell you about aspect? Try to keep up. What we’re going to do next is crop that mother flip. That’s right. There’s many different ways to do, but there are right ways of doing things and less right ways. I would say, because there are some things that you can do and cut this out environment, or you can do it wrong way and you can cut this out in 20 minutes, so it just depends how it depends. How effective you want to be. So let me drink some Cola? Yes, I made it on purpose, so you can hear how tasty this is even say. I don’t think it’s really healthy, but I mean, I’m going today anyway. So what is the purpose of Danielle’s? If you cannot drink and eat tasty stuff, what you want to do? Is you want to use the goddamn pen tool, okay. I know people are scared of the pen tool, but it’s the best tool, And if you’re good like me, and if you’re a Photoshop, God like me, it worked. This is my fridge, okay. I always am before the, and of course he started. He did this like five years earlier, but anyway, look. Hey, what he decided to his mental to cut out the person, okay, which is a really old way of doing things as he started using Photoshop much much earlier than me when we’re using pen tool to cut out objects, Suppose 20 I would say, but is definitely not the most effective way, but also he said the second thing which was actually right, which is lots of people. I afraid from pen tool, and this is actually true. I have tons of students who possess a pendulum. They just they cannot use it it just they click, and then something happens and then they go and they jump from the window and then there, and then I lose students like that. It’s a war learning. Photoshop is the war we’re gonna start by putting down a dot. Look at that! You want to get rid of that? You gotta hit the leap, okay, so that’s again. That’s exactly what. I said you see now. He will have to go over the whole person to cut this out. Which is the wrong way to do. It and it’s also not like very precise. We have here like the hair and blah, blah, blah. So what you should use? Instead is here, for example, you have quick selection tool. You can use this, for example, you know, just to quickly. Select the person that you want to so yeah, as you can see. Photoshop does actually a pretty good job. I would say to select this another tool that you could use. Is this tool, which is a new tool in Photoshop object selection tool? This one is even easier you can just click and drag it, And, of course, when she was doing that Toro’s, this tool didn’t exist. But I’m just showing it to you for you. My dear friend sitters. Wow, it just automatically selected this or just one one more thing. If you go to select and then you go to focus area. So these are some things that well, all the workshops have, and it’s going to automatically show you the focus area. I’m going to get rid of the back, you see? Wow, almost perfect. But how do we delete the background? I’ll just hit delete, Felix. Nah, fam. Look what you did get away from here. Controls Ed that we got to inverse their selection. Am I hitting ctrl shift? I done now you can Casey, okay. This is definitely wrong. Do you think anything from the image is wrong? Actually, you should never delete anything from the image. You should be different. Isn’t that you’re wrong. Only plebs delete directly. Okay, you gotta hit the mask button. You can just hit it. Bam Bam should say I’m on the lam. Look at that now! We have the mask, select there. Wow, okay! I should have pushed a little bit. More looks like he did create a mask after that. I’m actually surprised even some of the most advanced for the shippers don’t use masks because that’s. What does that used to? They just used to do it. Step, which is wrong, sir. Good job, my friend. Good job finding a nice looking background. What should we go for something psychedelic? Perhaps oh, wow, this is really trippy. This looks good, so we kind of want it to be there. Yeah, so. I guess own I’m curious how he is going to extend this place. But, oh, people trick my man press. M. Hey, so my face bit alright? Hey, hit Ctrl T and then no this time. Pham, just drag it over. Okay, so he decided to drag this, and you can do that in this case, because you know if the pattern is so that you can actually drag it and it’s to go to look fine, but you cannot do this in all all the basically, if you have a different image in the background, we can not do this What you can do instead, I what? I think actually is a better way to do this. Okay, okay, what you should do is. You should dance, so let me also just find some kind of weirdo imager women and lets. Now say that you have here an empty place that you want to feel what may also be needed back. Oh, is it looks so unrealistic? Oh, but that’s not the point, let’s say. I want to fill this in. What you should do is listen to me. Look me into my beautiful eyes. First of all, we should create a copy of this and I will rest rise this image and I will use against the strict angles of which also here I will select this place. Then I will go to edit and I will go to content every feeling. It’s a new tool, but it’s it’s also not on Youtube because it has been before in the field. Now it’s just separately, it’s an in the content every flow, so it just few adjustments, but it still existed at the time as well. So now what’s going to happen for job is not mostly good calculate. What is the best thing to please here? Look at that! Photoshop date places here. And if I just click okay now. [MUSIC] In this magnificent, my dear friend scissor’s outer glove, who is adding some outer glows. But today we’re going to do something a little different. Well, that will range to the bottom. Okay, that may adjust the size like that. Her make it make it dead. Not very spreaded about 84% Look at that! That looks pretty interesting. Now we’re gonna do a drop shadow. Are you ready faint and then hit, okay. That was a really weird way to create a stroke around face because he was using are to blow to create a stroke, which is weird because you can just click stroke instead of using are to go to create a stroke. It’s almost like if you had squares and the door and instead of taking get door, you just create twenty squares, put them on top of each other and create a door. You know what, I mean, I control eight or you can just click on his stupid hair and there you go, We have the same one we can hit Alt and then drag the outer glow to the I sucked and same thing shadows. Look at that. That’s we didn’t even have to do any work. Most people don’t really know that they can just drag exactly just copy all effect from one layer to another like by just dragons and most people don’t notice. But here you go, my friend. Did he really do that? So we had the texture before, but now he rasterized it. You should turn it into a smart object. Instead of rasterizing it, we should rasterize objects only in very rare case where you cannot do it any other way, right-click and warp, and then just drag and make it a little bit more interesting. Okay, let’s look at something else so originally. I wanted to do actually two more videos of his. You know one when where he is turning people into Simpsons and other one where he is turning the person to Squidward. Wow, actually, pretty interesting, right, But then I got too lazy. I decided to do two parts. Maybe so this is the first part of reacting to PDF. I Photoshop skills. Let me know if you liked it. I mean, leave a like or otherwise. How else would I know that you liked it, right, and yeah, see you guys love you. Actually, maybe not oh, no! I don’t know it, okay, because we don’t know each other. You know, we have to get closer by.