What To Wear To A Graphic Design Interview | What To Wear To A Creative Job Interview

Lauren Messiah

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What To Wear To A Creative Job Interview

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[MUSIC] Hey, hey, it’s Lauren. Messiah, your personal fashion stylist here. And we’re talking job interview style. Today, that’s right. We’ve got a fashion question about interviewing for jobs. Here we go, hi. Lauren, I have a question for you. I’m about to finish college to become a graphic designer, and I know I’ll be attending job interviews soon. My question is what should. I wear for a job interview when it comes to a creative job. I want my creativity to show while still looking professional Ps. I love your videos. I’ve learned a lot since I found you keep doing them. I will keep doing them and thank you for your question. I love this question because I work in a creative industry. Obviously I work in fashion. You know, it’s not traditional. I work for myself. My office is here at my house, so I totally get it. I’ve been interviewing since, you know, since college for creative positions, and I’ve interviewed so many people for positions within my companies and I have been appalled at what some people are showing up in. I may have talked about this in a past video, but it’s a story that needs to be told. So if you’ve heard it before whatevs, you’re hearing it again. I’ve seen the craziest outfits ever walk through these doors. The craziest outfits walk through a coffee shop because sometimes. I interview people at coffee shops. Just some crazy crap. Now, listen! Nothing offends me more deeply well. I won’t say nothing, but in the context of this, then someone who does not understand that a job interview is a job interview. I had a girl come in wearing cutoff shorts to interview with me. Cutoff shorts. I thought I was gonna die. I was like girl. What, where did you learn this behavior? It’s insanity, so the secret is and you kind of nailed it in your question is looking professional while looking creative. So for me and call me old-fashioned. But you can never be overdressed for a job interview now. If you wore a ball gown, yeah, you’d be overdressed. You’d also be crazy, so I’m talking about over a dress. In the professional sense, I always want people that are applying to work for me to skew more professionally in their wardrobe, and they can show off their creativity with shoes, bags, accessories, color. There’s ways to express yourself without just being Full-on casual, which is what I’m seeing a lot of young women do when they walk through my doors to interview me, and you know, men -, it’s just crazy. We you have to respect the person That’s taking the time to interview. You have to respect the position and you’re never going to be like. Oh, do step crazy girl wearing a pantsuit? That’s not gonna happen. They will say you believe that girl wore jeans to a job interview. What is she smoking? So, you know, when you’re going on these interviews, make the base of your outfit professional. So maybe it’s a pantsuit. Maybe it’s a nice pair of trousers with a blazer and like a beautiful blouse. You should look at the outfit and it should say. I’m going to a job interview now. How can you sit up to show your creativity well? Maybe you’re gonna wear a really fun, colorful pair of shoes. Maybe you’re gonna wear a beautiful statement necklace. Maybe you’re going to wear, like a huge cluster of brooches on your lapel. Maybe it’s a fun printed top like. I’m just like throwing craziness out here, But what if you wore, like, fabulous, beautiful fitted black pantsuit and you wore like a little secretary blouse that had like computers printed on it because you’re a graphic designer. Look at these ad and fun and professional. It would speak to your creativity, so I challenge you to think of things like that. Now, once you get into the job, just remember. This is all about securing the job. Do what you need to do to get the job. Once you’re in there, of course, the dress code is going to be more laxed, and you can express yourself even more, but you know your resume your portfolio. All of those things are really doing the talking for you, and I never as you know, an employer. I never want to be distracted by what someone’s wearing. I had a girl wear a blue cowboy hat. I swear I can’t make this stuff up a blue cowboy hat during a job interview and she seemed very qualified. She seemed like a sweet girl, but like literally, the whole interview. I’m like she burned that hat. I just couldn’t stop looking at it. So that kind of ruined it for me and like. I said just need to like, eat a dead horse, but when I open that door. What you’re wearing is like the first thing. So takeaway tips, professional winds add pops of creativity through accessories, color shoes and let your experience do the talking. This is one time where you can kind of. Let your style take a back seat. Be well-groomed! You know. Have your nails done? Don’t look at my nails. My nails are always a hot freaking mess. Have your nails done? Have your hair brushed like, look good? That is what’s? Gonna get you the job. Creativity, fun. Fashion can come much later so. I hope that was helpful. Probably a lot of you will not like that answer because it’s super old-school but like I said, if someone who hires other people, this is what I believe and I’m very strong about those beliefs. So thank you for your question. If you have a question for me, ask me drop it in the comments section below. I will my very best to answer it right here in video. There’s a lot of questions. I try to get to all of them, but I’m only one woman. Okay, so I appreciate the questions. 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