Wolf Illustrator | Cartoon Wolf Character | Illustrator Cc Tutorial (easy To Make!)

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Cartoon Wolf Character | Illustrator Cc Tutorial (easy To Make!)


In today’s Adobe Illustrator Tutorial, you will illustrate funny cartoon style. Oof, you will see how to apply different expressions to this character and will be able to use it for your own character illustrations to create this cartoon roof, we’ll need only ellipse tool, pen tool, shape builder and we’ll use rectangle tool, just a little simple as that any beginner can draw interesting and minimalistic cartoon characters with this video. You’re watching TNT tutorials. Let’s move on and create a new document go to print a for horizontal orientation in advanced options, select RGB and click on create. You can download reference images and colors by the link in the video description. I’ve created background by drawing huge rectangle. I named this layer background. I also have separate layers for colors and reference, so let’s begin with creating first one. I will create a new layer. Rename your layer number one to move one, for example, then I will place this reference layer here, return to move one layer. I for eyedropper tool. Click this bright color, L for ellipse to create ellipse like this and for rectangle to draw it here. Select these two objects. Shift + M for shape builder tool. Hold out, delete this part then. P for pen tool, create point here in the center, a for direct selection tool. Select this point and drag it down like this. Then deselect this object. I for eyedropper tool. Pick this color L for ellipse tool draw ellipse, then deselect the subject. P for pen tool with pen tool, Click here one more time here and lock the subject then V for selection tool. Hold your left mouse button here to pick reflect tool. Hold out, click on this point. Release out, you will see this window. Click on preview. And if you see something like this, click on cancel Press V for selection tool. Dis elect the subject. Select it again. Hold out, click on this point, Everything is OK. Click on copy. If you see that, this figure is too wide, not like this nose select. These two objects drag them like this. Then deselect them pay for direct selection tool. Pick this point. Use your right keyboard button. Click it four times now. The same here select this point, one two, three four now press V. If you need to change proportions, if you need to make this object smaller, go ahead, make it smaller like this place it here, eh? For direct selection tool, select these points of this object, drag them like this now build for selection tool select these objects go to properties panel input Finder, click on Unite great deselect the subject. I for eyedropper tool. Pick this dark color. L for ellipse tool, create ellipse here. A for direct selection tool select this point in properties panel click on convert selected anchor points to corner. All right, now, drag this point down holding shift. Now you can drag this point up play with points to get results similar to this. I will do mean to show you better. Center this object if you see these gaps here pay for direct selection tool, select these points and move them here as you can see no gaps here if you want to change proportions of this nose like this, A for direct selection tool, select this point and move this anchor like this now. Select the point. Move it here now! M4 rectangle tool, draw it like this select. These two objects shift m4 shape builder called out delete this part v4 selection tool go for a flag tool. Hold out, click here and click on copy, select these two objects input Finder. Click on unite! Now click I for I drop a tool. Click this color. L for ellipse tool, create ellipse here, then hole out, duplicate it like so select them. Both press ctrl G to group them now. I lent them to Center like this. Right, click. Arrange, send to back. Move them like so. I see that I need to make this ellipses smaller. Just a bit something like this now. I’ve eyedropper tool. Pick this color again. L for ellipse tool, draw ellipse, right, click, arrange, send to back, align it to Center, then move it like so control C control, FI4 eyedropper tool. Pick this color B for selection tool Shift + out, make it smaller. Dis elect the subject. I thought I drop a to pick this gray Color B for pen tool, create a point here and draw a figure like this. Then press V for selection tool reflect to hold out. Click on this point if nothing happens. Click on cancel V for selection to do select this object. Select it again reflect to hold Alt click on this point, Click on Car Press V for selection to select them both in Pathfinder. Click on unite. Then you can place this layer done in your layer panel like this. If you want to change proportions, go ahead, do it like so or if you need to move points. A for direct selection tool select points that you want and move them. I will change proportions like this all right now. I for eyedropper tool. Pick this color before pen tool create triangle like so then press V for selection tool. Do you select this triangle press? P again, draw another triangle like this V for selection tool. Deselect it P again and draw another triangle like this, then deselect that let’s watch at our reference to manipulate these triangles. We’ll use direct selection tool. It’s very simple. Just pick point that you want to move. Move it like so, there should not be such parts like this. Everything should be sharp here. All right, and there should be straight line, so I will select this point and move it like so this line should be straight like this the same here. This line is straight. All right now I for I drop a to pick this color. Click your sweat fill and Stroke. P for pen tool simply create a line like this, then V for selection tool go to properties panel. Go to stroke in this little menu. Select this profile number four, then go to stroke and going here to round cap. You can change stroke to two points. I will set one and five points Press V for selection tool, then fill out, duplicate this layer like this control D and then move it like so, I will select this layer. Press ctrl G to group. Then then go for reflect to hold out, Click on this point and click on copy. If you see that you want to change proportions After this, it’s never too late. I will select the subject A for direct selection tool. Pick these points, move them like so V for selection tool to select this object. Select these ones and place them here. Now, let’s create eyes. I for eyedropper tool. Pick this color L for ellipse to draw lips like this control C control. F make it smaller. I for eyedropper tool. Pick this color control. C control F make smaller eye for eye dropper to pick this dark color control C control F either. I’ll drop a tool. Pick this bright color. Then I will zoom in V for selection to make this ellipse smaller and place it here. Maybe I should make it a little bit bigger like this. I will make this ellipse a little bit smaller like so, then select them all Ctrl G to group them, place them here and make them all smaller like, so I’ll place them closer to nose, then go for reflect tool, click on central points and click on copy now it’s time to create eyebrows. I for eyedropper tool. Pick this color. P for Pantsu, just draw a line like this v4 selection tool. Click here on Web fill and Stroke change stroke to five points, then click on stroke. Select this profile again then. I’ll pick a for direct selection tool. Change it like so I thinka will change it to seven points and let’s place it here like this now. Select it reflect to hold out and click on some central point. Click on copy. Lets V to deselect this object. Then I’ll change proportions here a bit like this now. Press pill for pen tool and create triangles like this. Now, let’s make only sharp corners here place. These triangles like this play with proportions if you want to then. P for pen tool again, create ear V For selection to deselect the subject. Select it again. Ctrl C Ctrl. F i4 eyedropper tool. Pick this color V for selection tool. Move the subject here, then select these two objects, right, click, arrange, send to back after this. You can play with proportions with direct selection tool, then press V select the subjects ctrl. G to group them. Hold out, move them here. In properties panel. Click here on flip along horizontal axis. We don’t need symmetry this time. If you need it, use the reflect tool. All right, so lets. Create this little shadow here either. I drop a tool. Pick this color. P for pen tool, click here to create a point, then here, drag this point like this. Then simply click a few times to connect these last points. V for selection tool leave this object selected, So also this one shift, Plus M hold out and click here. After this deselect the subjects select under this one and in layers panel, you can place this object right there. All right, if you’ll need to play with this shadow A for direct selection tool, select a point that you want to change and do it like this. I’ve picked another color here, but I see it works very well In this composition. So now as we created this first roof will quickly create another one in a few minutes. Press ctrl G to group it. Then go to layers panel, create another layer, rename it to roof – and right here in layers panel. You can copy it layer to this one. Hold Alt and drag it here. All right, let’s lock wolf number one. You can quickly create three copies. Just like me, alright, So let’s work with this one to edit grouped layers. You can ungroup them, right-click and group or you can double click and work inside these grouped layers, First of all, let’s manipulate ears. A for direct selection tool simply move these figures like so simply use direct selection tool and selection tool. Alright, now, for this one. I for eyedropper tool. Pick this color and for rectangle tool, create rectangle here V for selection tool. Copy this rectangle like this, move them like so, move this layer up. Then you can place this layer behind shadow or simply select it a for direct selection tool. Pick this point and move it like this. It’s up to you way to choose place. This eyebrow like so now select this. I right-click and group select these three layers and move them like this. Almost the same with this one ungroup select these three layers. Move them like so then place. This ellipse somewhere here. Let’s delete these parts, also these triangles and move this ellipses up and also let’s move them like so. Let’s also change mustache positions to edit this group. Double click somewhere on the workspace. Let’s lock this layer, wolf. Number Two is locked, lets. Go – Woof. Three double. Click on this group a for direct selection tool select these points. Move them like this, then. Move these points, all right, move eyebrows like this now. Select this part, rotate them like so and move them like this, then. Rotate this one’s. You should not always use symmetry, all right, and now we’ll create rectangle. I for eyedropper tool. Pick this color and for rectangle tool, draw a rectangle here V for selection tool place rectangle here, move it without click on flip a long horizontal axis like this, all right. I will stop on something like this double-click to exit this group mode and let’s go ahead with this one. Go to layers panel like this. Move, three double. Click to enter this mode. This one’s gonna be very sad. We’ll change proportions like this. Move these points like this. They are not as straight. They are falling down because roof wants to fool you. He wants to show you his weakness, but remember about these faces. All right, lets. Flip along this one, right, click. Transform reflect vertical. All right, do it this eyebrow! Hold out, move this one! Rotate it like this, lets. Delete these parts move. This one’s up like so, his mustache is also falling down. And what’s most important we need to create Two ellipses here. Double click on this group. Let’s make this one bigger. Hold alt duplicate It like this, make it smaller, just a bit like so exit. This mode double click again. Simply delete this one. Hold out and move this. I here, all right, so now you can play with eyebrows a little bit something like this. You get the main idea. I will exit this mode. Now you see how it’s easy to create cartoon style roof and to apply different expressions to your character. All you need is few basic tools, such as ellipse tool, rectangle, pen tool and shape builder tool to create cool cartoon illustration. If you learn something new from this tutorial, drop a comment below. 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