Wonder Woman Photoshop | Wonder Woman Photoshop Tutorial: Part 4/5

Jeff Chapman

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Wonder Woman Photoshop Tutorial: Part 4/5


Hey, how’s it going? I’m Jeff Chapman and welcome back to my Wonder Woman, Photoshop tutorial. So this is where we left off last time and this time we’re gonna finish the costume and move on to some of the other elements and what we’re gonna do next is do for her little head piece or a tiara. Whatever whatever you want to call it and for that, we’re going to use this picture right here. That is the wrong program Gonna use this kind of a neckpiece on this night and before. I cut it out. I’m just gonna clone stamp out these holes here, because don’t want these, and I’m gonna have to mess with the proportions A little bit to get it to how I want. This let’s put a drop shadow on that. I’m gonna do a color overlay. I’m gonna take a color sample out of her chest. Alma, put on color. Alright now! I’m gonna just gonna mask this off, so I’m just gonna put a clipping mask on the entire headpiece group. Okay, go on my brush and I’m just gonna mask it off, so it looks like it’s underneath the hair, and I’m just going to darken these areas up. Okay, that’s working pretty good. I think so gonna add her. Um, her red star. Now, back my stock photos and [Music] it’s gonna change the color, do a red color overlay [Music] and just do a slight drop shadow. Yeah, [Music]. Alright, think our headpiece is done, so I’m just got a little bit more detail to our top and then probably call it done. Let’s try adding some texture to our top. [MUSIC] I’m just gonna roughly. I’m hoping this texture was gonna work. We’ll see, and I’m just gonna roughly warp the text or so it’s generally generally fits the contours of a body. I’m gonna hue/saturation. Change the color up a little bit. Okay, so I added in my texture and maybe let’s add some more detail. Maybe some seams. [MUSIC] So I’m just gonna go to my hue/saturation and just match this color a little more or I could probably just do a color overlay. That might be just easier way. Yeah, that works fine, and I’m also gonna blur it out a little bit, because it’s a little too sharp. Try to blur more. Maybe burn more again. Yeah, that works that works. Let’s do that and I’m just gonna warp it a little bit. So it kind of would fit her body contours a little bit more. I think we’re good and I think we can actually call the costume done. Yeah, lets, um, lets. Call the costume done and move on. So I’m just gonna clip this pillar out [Music] [Music]! Maybe do a gradient overlay on it, lets. See how that looks okay now? I need to, that’s pretty good for now. I think so now I need to create some shadows on our hands here, and I’m gonna need to darken up her her up bracelets. A little bit too, just gonna be, you know? [MUSIC] Little your pasty down and it’s gonna add a little more shadows up there. [music] all right. I think we got a ruble looking pretty good, maybe? I’ll add in the background picture. Let’s make it roughly like that. I’m gonna let up a little bit, so I’m gonna do a color overlay like a soft light, Maybe? Yeah, and I want to extend extend this street a little right now. I’m just, um, stretching out the street, so it goes a little further and you see? I put the the Sun in the background on her right side to match up with this bright backlighting. I have here which creates this kind of white highlight line, so the light, the background kind of works with the light in the front. And I’m actually gonna go back into her hair and add a little bit of a highlight right here. I don’t really have any highlight on her hair, and I’m just gonna take the highlight from this woman’s hair and put it on. Wonder Woman, and we’re gonna put that on screen, So I’m only getting my eye lights, and yeah, that worked, worked up pretty good. I like that. I like that a lot, actually. I’m just gonna mask it off and just go in here and take out what I don’t need. [music] cool! Yeah, that’s working out, we’re not good. I’m gonna end it here soon, but I’m actually gonna do one more thing. And that is her hair’s a little too Brown right now. One woman’s hair is more black, more straight-up black with a little bit of blue kind of highlights in it and I’m just gonna paint over all of her hair. All right, so let’s go to color and see how that looks. Now that’s obviously way too harsh. That’s like a clown blue. So gonna mess with that a little bit. Turn the saturation down. Still a little too gray. So let’s not turn the opacity down, that’s better. Yeah, her hair looks more black. Now now we’re gonna make another layer and call it blue, and I’m just gonna take a blue color like that, and I’m just gonna paint over the highlights. It’s got a soft light again. This way. Too intense, obviously, not the right color. So I’m just gonna change the blue a little bit. Take down the saturation now. I’m just go back and erase some of that. I’m gonna make a new layer just for this kind of highlighted edge over here. Just do soft light. All right, made some good progress. I thought I finished a costume. I thought I was going to, but unfortunately, I still have her lasso, but yeah, we’ll add her lasso. When next time that’ll be it for this video and we might finish in the next video. I’m not sure depends how long it takes depend. How much more detail you want to add, but we’re almost there. So thank you for watching, and I’ll see you in the next part. Maybe the final part.